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I'm Brett, and I'd like to welcome you to Buy To Let Finder.

I want BTLFinder to become the #1 resource for anyone who is interested in buying UK property for investment purposes.

I'm a landlord myself - I bought my first (and only) BTL property in 2006. I saw BTL as a perfect way to get on the property ladder, while maintaining the flexibility I need to move around the country (and indeed the World) in search of employment.

While I pretty much bought at the peak of the market, by 2014 my property was pretty much back to the purchase price I paid for it.

So while capital growth has been a disappointment, letting the property itself has been more successful. In 8 years of letting out my property, I've had 4 different sets of tenants, and a total void time of under 2 months.

The amount of rent I've had over the years has fluctuated in line with market conditions, but the property pretty much breaks even.

So that's a little about my experiences in the rental property market. I'm also a software developer, and I built this entire site myself. So if you have any feature requests or suggestions, then get in touch and I'll do whatever I can to make the site even more useful.

BrettB, RH12, 08.08.2014

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Buy To Let - by Region

Low Priced Student Houses

Area No. of Bedrooms Prices From
TS1 3 £54,950
CF37 3 £78,950
HU6 3 £84,950
WV1 3 £88,000
NG7 3 £89,950
SA31 3 £97,500
BL3 3 £99,950
LL57 3 £100,000
CH1 3 £109,950
L16 3 £110,000
B42 3 £125,000
ST5 3 £125,000