Buy to Let Facts and Figures

Which Size of Property has the Best Yield?

The chart below was generated from all the data in the BTLFinder database:

It shows that if you're primarily interested in yield, then the best properties to buy are 2 bedroom properties, followed by 3 bedroom properties.

For larger properties, yields generally decrease. There tends to be less demand for 4 or 5 bedroom rental properties than there is for smaller properties. 4 and 5 bedroom properties are also highly sought after these days, so they have very high purchase prices compared to their potential rental values.

Studio and 1 bedroom properties appear to have lower yields than 2 bedroom properties. This is likely to be due to the high costs of just getting onto the property ladder. Once on the ladder though, there isn't a huge price difference between 1 and 2 bedroom properties.

Remember that there's much more to BTL than just looking for high yield. The speed of renting out a property is another important factor. And when it comes to quickly finding tenants, in my experience I've found that studio and 1 bedroom properties tend to let out the fastest.

Which UK County Offers the Best Potential Yield?

The chart below shows yields by UK county (click for full sized):

It's apparent from this chart that the highest yielding counties in the UK are all in Scotland.

The highest yielding counties in the UK are Dorset, Lancashire, Staffordshire and Northamptonshire.

Of all the counties, West Sussex and Cornwall appear to offer the least potential for high yielding BTL property.

Low Priced Student Houses

Area No. of Bedrooms Prices From
TS1 3 £54,950
CF37 3 £78,950
HU6 3 £84,950
WV1 3 £88,000
NG7 3 £89,950
SA31 3 £97,500
BL3 3 £99,950
LL57 3 £100,000
CH1 3 £109,950
L16 3 £110,000
B42 3 £125,000
ST5 3 £125,000

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